AI-centered operational management platform

Data Governance Capabilities

Large-scale and diverse data processing capability Data governance capability tailored to regional safety standards Own large number of high-quality localized data assets

AI Service Capabilities

Offers multimodal AI interaction systems for industry use Provides diverse expert-level AI capabilities Multi-AI engine architecture enables flexible algorithm scalability

Development Capabilities

Custom development service based on AI Provides extensive support for various application types Localized research and development team support

Data Governance Capabilities

Big Data Platform

  • Large-Scale Diverse Data Processing Capability
  • AI Based Data Analysis Capability
  • Flexible Data Writing and Reading

Data Governance Framework

  • Compliance: Ensuring data handling complies with relevant laws, regulations, and industry standards, such as GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) or PDPL (Personal Data Protection Law of Saudi Arabia)
  • Encryption and Data Masking: Protecting data during storage, processing, and transmission using encryption technologies
  • Identity and Access Management: Robust authentication and authorization controls to ensure that only authorized users can access data.

Data Asset

  • Processing and Annotating Local Data Capability
  • Owning Large Amount of High Quality Local Data Assets

Professional managing service to ensure AIOC success

Our team has rich experience in managing services in different regions for many years, providing services for the full project lifecycle.

Successful AIOC cases

AIOC for Construction

In 2023, Neuxnet undertook the AIOC for Construction platform, which integrates GIS spatial and temporal big data, construction big data, and docking to bring together 17 discrete data sources, and utilizes AI capabilities to realize the digital management and intelligent management of huge construction projects, and it will become the core brain for high-level decision-making and command and scheduling.


Holistic Management View:

  • Offers a comprehensive perspective across departments, systems, and regions for informed decision-making.
  • Promotes information sharing and transparency, breaking down data silos for real-time insights into project progress, resource allocation, and potential risks.

Collaborative Problem-Solving through System Interconnection:

  • Connects departments and units for seamless collaboration and information sharing.
  • Streamlines problem identification, response, and resolution via automated workflows and early warning mechanisms.
  • Enhances problem-solving efficiency, minimizing communication barriers and delays.

City Operations Platform Evolution:

  • Expands the project management platform into a comprehensive city operations solution.
  • Unifies data, analyzes city operations, and optimizes decision-making on a single platform.
  • Improves city operation efficiency, elevates resident quality of life, and advances city sustainability.

Construction Progress Visualization

Latest Satellite Map Global Overview of Progress
Comparison of BIM Model and Drone Scan 3D Model
Weekly Updated Drone Scan 3D Model for Detailed Construction Progress
AI-Powered Automated Calculation of Earthwork Volumes

Video Surveillance

AIOC for Data Center

This project using Digital Twins and AI technology realizes the realistic presentation of the data center, allowing managing personnel to clearly and intuitively obtain the IT operations information, and providing the platform for transparent and visualized management, effectively improving the efficiency of asset and monitoring management.