AI-Based Open Platform Solutions for Digital
Transformation and Digital Ecosystem

Fields of expertise

Smart Country

Transform your nation into a digital powerhouse with our integrated solutions. Supercharge governance, connectivity, and accessibility for a more connected and efficient country.

Smart City

Build an integrated platform for urban service, including e-government services, public transportation, tourism, etc., to serve the government, enterprises and citizens better.

Smart Park/Stadium

Elevate your park and stadium experiences. Our smart solutions enhance crowd management, security, ticketing, and event coordination, making leisure and entertainment hassle-free.

Smart Industry

Boost productivity and efficiency in your industry. From optimized supply chains to advanced automation, our platform empowers businesses for success in the digital era.

Smart Education

Accelerate the digital transformation of education in partnership with the full education community, including learners, educators, administrators, and researchers.



One-stop service platform, connect users with massive services

  • Rapid product build capability
  • Third-party Solution integration capability
  • Sustained operational capability


An AI-centered operational management platform with data governance and comprehensive scheduling capabilities.

  • Data Governance Capabilities
  • AI Service Capabilities
  • Development Capabilities