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One-click authorization sign in and no installation required
Unified payment, sharing and interaction framework, compatible with any device
Mini App open platform to help you build a prosperous service ecosystem
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Connect users with massive content and services. Provide higher value to users, increase user activity and loyalty

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Core Technologies
With NeuVision as the core base, build the technologies of Neu ID, Neu Connect, Neu Pay, and Mini App. Enable SuperApp to be quickly applied in various industry scenarios.
Consult & Customize
Based on rich technical and business practice experience, provide you with deeply customized SuperApp solutions to quickly realize value and achieve breakthrough progress.
Flexible Deployment
Support deployment in various environments such as self-built environments, private clouds, public clouds, and hybrid clouds to meet your actual business scenarios.

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Smart City
Build an integrated platform for urban service, including e-government services, public transportation, tourism, etc., to serve the government, enterprises and citizens better.
Smart Finance
Provide the ability to improve user experience, digital operation & marketing, ecological construction and technology research and development efficiency for financial digitalization.
Smart Education
Accelerate the digital transformation of education in partnership with the full education community, including learners, educators, administrators, and researchers.

Customer stories

Powering Customer Next App Era

Upgrade city services
SmartX integrates urban service portals through NeuVision, and creates many innovative scenarios in urban transportation, medical care, tourism, and government services. Improve urban governance capabilities through data and provide citizens with better services.
SuperApp in UAE
Based on NeuVision, Instant Messenger provides users with more services and interactive scenarios, improves user activity and retention, expands user consumption scenarios, and increases revenue.