Our team has more than 10 years of product and technical experience in the field of mobile Internet. Based on the team's continuous accumulation of synchronous and asynchronous communication products and technologies, we have developed several SuperApp products. Providing instant messaging and ultra-high-definition audio and video calling under the global complex network, high packet loss rate and low bandwidth conditions. We have lots of technical indicators that are world leaders. Including leading technical advantages in real-time audio & video communication, ultra-high definition network transmission, weak connection communication, and complex network transmission.

Previous products developed and operating by the team of Neuxnet

Lei Zhang
Founder & CEO
He worked at Huawei for 8 years, and has experience in Optical Networking, Data Communication; In 2009, he joined Baidu and led Wireless Searching Team; In 2010, he founded and was the CEO of Tapas Mobile (the first startup company that Innovation Works invested); In 2013, Tapas Mobile was merged by Baidu Mobile Security BG. He became GM of this BG. With Lei's management, Tapas Mobile developed several excellent apps with several hundred million users, such as Baidu Mobile Security(with 200M domestic users), Du Battery Saver (with 200M overseas users), Du Speed Booster (with 100M overseas users). In 2021, he established Neuxnet in 2021 as CEO.
Jia-Jun Xu
CO-Founder & CTO
He got master’s degree in Institute of high Energy Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences in 1997. He worked at Huawei as senior executive, responsible for setting up IT infrastructure and operation tasks. From 2008 to 2011, he joined Baidu as technology director. Since 2011, he decided to be a software engineer again, and enjoys the happiness brought by coding. In 2015, he established YeeCall with Lei as co-founder. In 2021, he established Neuxnet in 2021 as co-founder.
Core Team
Most of the product team, R&D team (Five Level 8 architects from Baidu), and marketing team members come from other startup companies. The team has developed products with hundreds of millions users, such as Baidu Wireless Search(Daily PV 500M), Tapas Mobile APP(400M user scales). The team has 10 years experience in telecommunication, 7 years experience in designing mobile internet products, and 3 years oversea marketing and community operation experience. Now Neuxnet has R&D centers in Beijing and Nanjing, and build a global operation center in Singapore.

Global Offices of Neuxnet

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